Opið Hús – Feb 2017

Opið hús @ Nes Listamiðstöð Lau 25.feb, kl. 15.00-17.00
At 20.00 in Bjarmanes Café the artists will perform a play, read stories, poetry and play the accordian (harmonica).  Local residents who would like to perform or present a reading in icelandic or english come along and join in the fun!
Allir eru velkomnir!


Artist in Residence – Sarah Flynn

‘I am interested in the relationship between how Iceland is perceived from an outsider and how the Icelandic identify themselves and their country, as well as the role that photography plays in cultivating the image of Iceland.
In response to the romantic image of Iceland, I am focusing on the familiar and the banal. I am drawn towards simple shapes, patterns and events within the landscape which often go unnoticed.
This project offers an alternative representation of Iceland (from the perspective of an outsider) which goes beyond the clichéd images often used as propaganda in tourist brochures.’
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Artist in Residence – James Reeves

James A. Reeves is a writer and educator whose fiction and essays examine dignity, beauty, and myth in the digital age. He began researching and writing about ritual and grief following the death of his parents, and recently collaborated with the artist Candy Chang on a mural in Greece called Grief Is a Beast That Will Never Be Tamed. Trained as a graphic designer, his work often addresses the relationship between the image and philosophy. His first book, The Road to Somewhere: An American Memoir, was published by W. W. Norton. His second book, The Manufactured History of Indianapolis, explores the mythology of the city. Since 2004, he has taught courses in philosophy, the history of art, and the politics of design at Bard Early College, Parsons School of Design, and Pratt Institute. He lives in New Orleans.
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Grief Is a Beast That Will Never Be Tamed

The Manufactured History of Indianapolis by James A. Reeves
The Manufactured History of Indianapolis by James A. Reeves

Road to Somewhere

Artist in Residence – Candy Chang

‘I’m interested in the relationship between public space and mental health, the dynamics between society and the psyche. After I lost someone I loved, I made the Before I Die participatory public art project, which has since been recreated in over 2,000 cities thanks to passionate people around the world. I’m currently working on a project about grief with James A. Reeves, and Skagaströnd has been a wonderfully contemplative place to cultivate big perspective.’  Website:

Candy Chang Before I Die New Orleans house

Candy Chang Before I Die New Orleans responses Candy Chang Confessions Candy Chang Atlas of Tomorrow

Candy Chang - Grief is a Beast

Artist in Residence – Aly Jackson

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE – Aly Jackson – Visual Artist/Fine Art Photographer. Aly’s work is an eclectic mix of single and layered images which are concerned with the memories held by places and the people within them. Memories are both real and imagined and her pieces reflect a personal, but unspoken narrative with the aim of enabling others to create their own narrative around her work. &





Artist in Residence – Lucia Gašparovičová

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Lucia Gašparovičová from Slovakia writes about her work: “In my artistic work, it is important to get to know a variety of environments. I work with the topic of scale and size and their relationships with observers, users, and also the environment that surrounds them. I am searching for interactions between objects, installation and spectators. I try to set up the description of the borders of interdisciplinary. Micro and macro world, man as the centre and man as a part of the surroundings. Interdisciplinary, from which a new authentic work arises, is essential for me. It is the intersection of art work and architectural elements designed for private as well as public spaces. I work with the theme of material and emotional value of the object. Often I have appropriated elements of daily use, which I rework in precious materials and thereby alter their character, while watching the newly acquired relationship between object and user.” 




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Artist in Residence – Amanda Marsh

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Amanda Marsh from Australia says: “The recurring, central theme in my work is the search for passing mental state, intentionality, the ‘qualia’ that phenomenologist philosophers understand to be the only way to attain knowledge of things and events ‘as they are’. I attempt to depict such states visually. Here in Skagaströnd, I am beginning to develop an interest into how we embody constant shifts in light and wind.”


Artist in Residence – Michael Coppelov

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Michael Coppelov says: “I am a painter who also makes small models and computer animations. These three outputs are all methods I use to obsessively explore the idea of complex systems, interconnectedness and labyrinths as places of unknowable complexity. I usually begin my making small, introverted models using a range of materials, before making paintings of the models. They often contain small units, which tessellate together to create larger, more complex structures. It is this tessellation of small units that my animation explores.”
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Artist in Residence – Rachel Rozanski

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: Rachel Rozanski is a Canadian artist whose recent works contain themes of natural history, urban biodiversity and decay. Interested in the creative potential of disintegration, she draws objects and organisms that have become unidentifiable. “My work centers around the dramatic rate of biological, geological and material transformations occurring as we enter the Anthropocene. I am interested in how we understand and visualise unpredictable material lifespans or effects.” Her drawings at NES have been inspired by the dramatic environment, extremes in weather and found objects deposited by the ocean.