Nes Studios

NES operates an open plan shared studio,  located in  the old fish factory. The main area is approximately 16x11metres and is divided into 10-12 spaces.


Nes is currently operating a solo studio space out of the former “Freezer” approximately 8×5.5metres; it is an extremely versatile space. It can be reserved by artists on a daily basis, and also used for exhibitions. It is a particularly good space for projection or light based work (once closed, it’s almost completely dark) as well as brainstorming installations and performances. Artists have used The Freezer for performances, sound installation, sculpture, and meetings.

A modest selection of tools are available in the studio’s storeroom, including a couple of easels, drills, saws, a jigsaw and basic tools like hammers, pliers and screw drivers.  We also have a small room of odds and ends that people have left behind that may be used by all residents. Art materials are best brought with you, however.

In addition to the workspace and storeroom, the Nes studio also has a kitchen, WC, and small library.

2014-11-27 16.02.20

before open studio

2014-11-27 16.47.26

2014-11-27 16.52.05

2014-11-27 17.07.59

Pictured above: The Freezer Space

Kerryn_JiHyun 2014-10-25 15.54.32

Pictured above: The Freezer Space

Each artist is provided with adjustable bench/table, stool, light and shelving.  2014-11-27 16.51.58  2014-11-27 16.26.43