‘I prefer to work with egg-tempera, this is an old technique created by the Egyptians almost 2000 years ago. They used it for mummification. In my paintings there is a lot of accident that helps me in the working process’. Image 1 -The Dancing King”,90 x 120 cm, egg-tempera on canvas, image 2 – “Lets Dance” egg-tempera on canvas 60 x 180 cm.

Hillen-Tanz den Mussolini,Eitempera auf Leinen,60x180cm,2016

Hillen,The Emperor, Eitempera auf Leinen, 100 cm x 180 cm, 2012

Artist in Residence – Judy Thomas

Judy is back in Skagaströnd for the next couple of weeks to research the many impacts NES has. She is not only exploring the impact the residency has on the individuals who come as artists, she is also talking to members of the town community and considering the wider impacts and incredible networks and connections made across the world. If you are interested in taking part in Judy’s research she would love to hear your NES stories! You can contact Judy via email:


Artist in Residence – Romy Julia Kroppe

Romy Julia Kroppe is an emerging artist based in Leipzig, Germany. Her medium is painting on large scaled paper and experimenting on smaller formats including different types of collage, photo and print. Interested in the relationship between human and its environment she works in the fields Landscape, Interior and Still life. Instead of showing human figures she paint leftovers like remaining traces of man. The aim is to find a situational speciality in them as well as in their interaction with the landscape.
She used the time in Skagaströnd to study the transitions from settlement to landscape on the beach and to portray signs which are used guiding tourists on their way through nature spectacles.

Artist in Residence – Erinn Heilman

‘Working between painting and sculpture, I create objects and landscapes that reference anatomical imagery to portray an internal landscape. I am interested how light is captured and diffused by different materials, focusing on translucent substances such as wax and water.
At Nes, I am continuing this study by starting a painting series of found and made objects’.
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Writer in Residence – Lucie Mandeville

Lucie Mandeville is a psychologist, author, speaker and media columnist. She has been a member of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec for 25 years. She is a professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Sherbrooke and teaches humanistic and positive psychotherapy, also for 25 years. She is recognized as the leading specialist in positive psychology in Quebec. She is the author of the best-selling book The Extraordinary Happiness of Ordinary People. Positive psychology for all, Éditions de l’Homme. Another book was published in 2012: Be happy, effortless, painless and without breaking your head. She also published an academic book Learning Differently. Why and how, at the University of Quebec Press. Her latest book Sick and … happy? Eight attitudes that have transformed lives (and that could change yours) appeared in 2014.


Artist in Residence – Rachel Eng

What wonders and curiosities are lost with our changing environment?  How is our creativity affected as we assert control on our landscape and develop wild spaces? Will our current geography become something we only remember to share with the future? I am interested in the phenomenal aspects of the natural world and our current climate situation.  Using different materials, some with inherent meaning and others transformed, my work questions our human curiosity, empathy, and potential for change.                  Website: