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I’ve come here to NES for a second time. 

In September 2023, I worked with charcoal and other black-white materials with the theme of the power of movements of lines. This time I’ve been so charmed by the nearly floating atmosphere of the wintry landscape. For it is the season between winter and spring: it is snow and ice, the melting of snow begins, grass and rocks are appearing again. The chain of mountains, the “fells” in Icelandic, the Westfjord-coast, behind the sea, between sea and sky, it all seems to float. 

Nearly mystical this changing of light on these snowy landscapes, transparent, shining… between surreal and real, between sky and earth. Silence. Wide endlessness! It makes a special sound I feel in my soul…

So I took out the dry pastel sticks to try to give this inner and outer magic of flying an expression that could be adequate. Most of these drawings are not bigger than 15 cm x 40 cm. 

Now with the snow storms the world turns more closed, reduced, mysterious, the roaring sound of the blizzard…everyday weather changes here! Things and thoughts are reduced to the elemental extract of life. &