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We embark on a captivating journey to illuminate the town of Skagaströnd. Our “Light Up” project aims to transform the community by showcasing unique artworks that harness the power of light. Talented artists will utilize various techniques such as LED’s, projections, shadows, and reflections to create immersive light installations and projections that will truly mesmerize. This event culminates in an artwalk on the 26th and 27th January 2024, where the local northwest community can come together and experience the magic firsthand.  See below for information on our selected Light Up 2024 artists.

We are immensely grateful for the support we have received from the Samtök sveitarfélaga á Norðurlandi vestra, Sveitarfélagið Skagaströnd, Minningarsjóður Skagaströnd, Neistinn Ehf and the Skagaströnd community. Without their generosity, this project would not be possible.


Clay Mohrman - USA

Clay Mohrman is a practicing lighting artist out of Burlington, VT. In 2017, he founded Clay Mohr Lighting, as a way to develop unique lighting sculptures using LED lighting and wood for indoor and outdoor spaces. His work lies at the intersection between nature, lighting and emotion. He uses lighting as a primary medium because of its ability to emphasize, connect and evoke emotions. He believes that integrating pieces of the natural world in artwork helps us start a dialogue with ourselves regarding our environment, our community and our connection with the world.


Alison Hemphill - USA & Daniel Hall - Sweden

Alison is a creative soul with a lifelong passion for the arts, design, science, and tech. Her background is in industrial design and digital sculpture, and her passion is fusing artistry with tech. Her work manifests as immersive and interactive pieces that attempt to challenge conventional expression. With a mission to leave a positive footprint on the world, she crafts pieces and experiences that move through a variety of senses, dimensions, and settings which strive to educate, empower, and uplift.

Daniel is an engineer-turned-artist who is curiously exploring how to channel his problem solving skills into creative endeavors. Since the very first time he played a video game (Pac-man) at the age of 5, he has explored how computer graphics and video games can enable interactive experiences far beyond the limitations of reality.
Inspired by the beauty of nature surrounding us and how it fuels the imagination, Daniel hopes to create art that helps us share joyful moments together and treasure the planet and the life that it bears.

Lavinia Hanachiuc - Romania

Lavinia Hanachiuc is a Romanian born artist that currently lives in Ann Arbor , USA.

Her background is in ceramics and printmaking but she enjoys making event-specific, community art with people around the world. The collaboration and sense of free creativity that happens during her workshops are always unique to the participants.

For that reason, Lavinia’s projects are process, not goal-oriented and the results are based on group synergy.

Alma Moga - USA

Alma Moga is an illustrator attending the second year of Center for Creative Studies in Detroit , USA

From a young age she has worked and volunteered  in art studio environments  , constructing and painting large scale puppets, leading luminary workshops and polymer clay sculpture workshops. She is hoping to pursue a career as a professional artist  in illustration and game design .

Both Lavinia and Alma are looking forward to spending time as guests in Skagastrond and make space for luminary workshops for everyone interested attending.

Lucas Gervilla - Brazil

Lucas Gervilla is a visual artist and filmmaker. Doctoral student and Master in Visual Arts with a period of studies at the University of Greifswald and UdK Berlin, bachelor in Multimedia Communication. In 2020 he directed his first full-length movie entitled Ruinous. Futura Channel commissioned him to produce the short film Edmur and his Truck (2018). He received grants offered by Prince Claus Fund and DAAD.

Stevie Thompson - United Kingdom

Stevie Thompson is a talented and innovative fibre optic lighting specialist based in South Shields. His approach of creating customised installations with a theme of flora and fauna is truly unique. His ability to seamlessly integrate his artwork with the environment makes his installations feel like a natural part of their surroundings.

Stevie’s combines his extensive knowledge and passion for fibre optic and LED technology to create animated and colorful effects in his lighting installations. His work is often described as mesmerising, captivating, and awe-inspiring. His innovative use of technology and creativity results in stunning visual experiences for those who have the opportunity to witness his work.

Shoshana Fink - USA

Shoshana Fink is a Minneapolis-based artist whose practice focuses on photography, sound, olfaction, and installation. Her work is situated at the intersection of visual culture, technology, and ecology. In this context, her practice critically reflects on the relationship between living organisms and their environment. With the intensification of anthropogenic influences, the question of what and how we are “worlding” together has become an urgent quandary. Thus, it is the goal of her practice to explore stories of symbiosis, or “making-with,” both in human and other-than-human contexts. As art-making provides a transformative network for writing novel narratives, her work utilizes multiple mediums to mirror not only what is, but also to imagine what can be.

Between 1999  and 2017, Shoshana worked as a Los Angeles-based film producer and director, returning to Minnesota in 2018. In 2022, she graduated with an M.F.A. in visual studies from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She has served as an Artist in Residence at the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain at the University of Minnesota, and as an Art Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. She is currently adjunct faculty in Media Arts at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.Website:

Margaret Craig - USA

Margaret Craig received a degree in Biology Secondary Education, a BS in Art and an MA in Painting from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She received an MFA in Printmaking from the University of Texas at San Antonio. An innovator in printmaking techniques, she invented Tar Gel Pressless Etching. She is included in many public and private collections including the Library of Congress. She is Professor Emeritus of Printmaking and Paper at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, TX. Her original Biology degree has been a major influence in the visual and ecological context of her work.  She has one husband, one bird, five cats, one spastic puppy, and a mess of grown stepchildren. Her original college degree in biology has been a major influence in both the visual and ecological context of her work. The work is rooted in the symbiotic ecostructure we all precariously live in, and involves an elaborate, possibly excessive, process that (re)cycles the original post-consumer paper and plastic through several art forms and media, including acrylic, watercolor, printmaking, papermaking and installation sculpture.

Sasha Gold - Germany

Sasha Gold (b. 1987) is an artist based in Hamburg. After studying law, she worked as a criminal
defense attorney. A few years later, she gave up her learned profession – to find her calling in art. Her debut project as Sasha Gold ‘Why not? Everybody’s darling’ (Saab 900, mirror shards, glue, 2020) immediately reached attention:

As a sculptor, she is dedicated to work with reflections, using mirror shards. Mirrors are charged with projections and myths, which inspires her to reappropriate the medium in her artistic process.

“When I combine my sculptures with light, a new level opens up: the projections that we put into an object reflect back on us. I am looking forward to work with the surroundings of Skagaströnd. Mirror shards look a lot like ice, so I can’t wait to embed them in Icelandic nature.“

Sasha Gold and the artist Lichtloch are the founders of Planten un Lumen, which
is an annual exhibition of different versions of light art in the public park in Hamburg called Planten un Blomen. Planten un Lumen took place for the second time in October 2023.