Artist in Residence – Kim Goldsmith

Kim V. Goldsmith is at Nes for two months.

“I’m a digital media and installation artist and producer from inland
New South Wales, Australia. Birds have been central to my work for many  years, as indicator species for the health of the environment. You’ll find my current work and projects at the Facebook Page, Goldsmith’s Studio, and on various other social channels.

During my time at Nes, I’m working on the second part of a major
project looking at presenting the landscapes of rural and remote
Australia and Iceland from the perspective of corvids (in particular,
ravens and crows). I’ve spent the last 18 months studying corvids and recording wide-angle and virtual reality video, and sounds, across regional NSW.

I’ll be doing likewise over two months while based at Skagaströnd. The resulting large-scale video and sound installation (including a VR experience) will be shown at the Western Plains Cultural
Centre in Dubbo, NSW in December.”

The project is documented in detail at


Artist in Residence – Louise Molesworth

Lou Molesworth is an artist based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.

Her multidisciplinary practice focuses on themes of trauma, vulnerability, grief and empathy.  She has used her time at Nes to pursue these themes through the lens of the esoteric and the liminal.

Skagaströnd and Iceland have provided a safe environment to begin accepting her love of spirituality and to weave it into her work. Doorways have opened.


Artist in Residence – Judit Sánchez Velasco

Judit Sánchez Velasco is an Artist and Environmentalist born in Barcelona. A two-year journey across Southeast Asia, Oceania and Central America, and Kala Khoj Artist Residency in the experimental evolving township of Auroville, India, made her conscious of the conflicts between a society based on economic growth and its natural limits.

Defined by an interdisciplinary and experimental approach, the artist’s practice spans across installation work and conceptual documentary while strives to evoke reflection upon mankind’s conflicting relationship with the natural ecosystem.
At Nes, Judit finds herself in deep connection with the environment while producing two main bodies of work: ‘Sendas Cósmicas \ I’ and ’Sonorous Dissonance’. ‘Sendas Cósmicas \ I’ explores the notions of mankind’s earthly bond through a variety of cosmic collection pathways found in the Icelandic landscape, whereas ‘Sonorous
Dissonance’ interrogates by way of sound the ecological dissociation observed through the course of her crossing across the endangered Darien Gap earlier this year.
Instagram: @sanchezjudit

Artist in Residence – David McDonough

David McDonough is a painter and high school teacher living in Queens, NY. His paintings tend to float somewhere between the abstract and the representational, where a repeated cast of characters and a repeated cast of paint moves combine to create images that address natural motifs, problems of humanity, and the condition of the unknown.


His interest in birds, nature, poetry, and science, is often evident in his painting imagery. Perhaps equally evident is his interest in the painting process, and the joy he finds in art making that takes us just beyond the borders of our intellectual lives.

During his time at Nes he plans to look at mountains, to look at birds, and to spend time by moving water.

Follow him on Instagram @dedume.


Artist in Residence – Jee Soo Shin

Jee Soo Shin is a Korean composer who currently splits her time between writing contemporary music and undergoing inter-disciplinary projects, crossing into the realms of performance art and avant-garde experiments.

Her interests span around the issues of originality and plagiarism and embodies borrowed material in her works as a way of displaying satire directed at various value systems regarding how intellectual material is being treated.

During her time in NES, she is working on a piece for a large ensemble commissioned by the city of Inje, South Korea, to be premiered in October.

Artist in Residence – Nuala Gorman

Nuala Gorman is from Ireland. She is on a one month residency here at Nes.

While here, she is working with the environment experimenting with alternative printmaking such as cyanotype, rust and eco printing.

Her subject interest is in migration and emigration. Here in Skagastrond she has the opportunity to observe the Icelandic culture while making connections and links with Ireland and Iceland. 


Artist in Residence – Astrid Welburn

My name is Astrid Welburn and I live and work in Zurich, Switzerland. I am working at NES during the whole of July 2019.

My interests cover border areas. I like to explore my own and foreign limitations, the abysses of human representation and their metamorphosis into new beings. Currently my favourite media are video, performance and installations.

At NES, I am experimenting with performative elements for my video about travelling in connection with the ecological footprint.

To transfer the message I create headgears from synthetic material, from found or given stuff. The translation of the message will find its way from head to feet or the other way round.


Artist in Residence – Maureen Colomar

“I am Maureen Colomar, from Lyon, France and I am working at Nes for one month. In my process I ask the drawing practice and the landscape representation.

I try to find a conceptual way to represent the landscapes that  I see or experiment. I usually use my photos and sketches as a puzzle or collage to compose my images. The final work might be a drawing on paper, on wall, or an installation….

I came in Nes to experiment with the Icelandic landscape.  This time, my final work  might be a narrative project where I match drawings as a story-board.”



Skagaströnd, Iceland