Artist in Residence – Ingeborg Knøsen

Ingeborg Knøsen is a singer/songwriter and actress from Braskereidfoss, Norway.  She has since a young age written songs and shares this passion with writing manuscripts and short stories as well.

At the Nes Artist Residency she has two agendas: developing her music style, and writing new material as well as polishing her already made songs, and to do research for her manuscript project involving norse mythology as a main focus.

Her songs are written while playing piano or keyboard, ukulele, acoustic and/or electric guitar. The genre varies but for now it’s folk/rock that gets the most attention for her English or Norwegian lyrics. She likes to bring genuine reflections into a poetic landscape, combined with metaphors attached to the surroundings to her texts, and let the melody set the mood. The honesty might come across as naive, or wise, depending on who’s listening.

The time and space at the residency allows her to stretch out, letting the creativity flow. (Ingeborg, who’s writing this presentation, says she’s forever grateful.)



Artist in Residence – Sabrina Casadei

Sabrina Casadei from Italy, shares her thoughts on her work and process:

´In my work I am really inspired by remote and isolated places. I did not used to close my thought for a project in advance, since I prefer to let myself be inspired from the place I am in contact with.

My painting research is based on an endless dialogue with the outside world. This dialogue is a silenced one, made of listening and penetrating gaze, in a less superficial and aesthetic way.

It is a matter to me to establish a relationship of empathy with the outside, when the sight makes way for a form of reflection, when the eye does not focus on anything and sets the vision free´.

Artists in Residence – Valentina Suter & Pascal Schneiter

Valentina and Pascal have worked together before coming to Iceland.

Their last common project is a photobook, which shows compositions about
leaving forward.

At Nes they ask themselves the question, what people drag into foreign

For this project called “listen to the ground”, both of them will/may
leave their common working field (photography & painting) and experiment
in other disciplines, such as text, video and sound.

Webpage Pascal: 
Instagram Valentina:


Artist in Residence – Ýr Jóhannsdóttir

Ýr Jóhannsdóttir is an Icelandic based textile designer and artist. Since 2012 Ýr has been creating knitted textiles under the name Ýrúrarí.

Her work explores the possibilities of new visual elements knit can create in spaces and on the human body in a way of illustrating the everyday three dimensional space.

Ýr knit works are on the wide spectrum from hand knitting figurative fun pieces on old jumpers to machine knitting abstract and complex mathematical textiles, working with the technique of weaving, OP art and making dimensions meet on the surface of knitted fabric.

Follow up on Ýr’s work and get a peek into her process at or
Ýr is the 2018 Nes recipient of the Künstlerhaus Lukas residency scholarship and exchange.

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Artist in Residence – Deanna Bailey

Deanna (Dee) Bailey completed fine art and biology degrees in Alberta, Canada. She moved to the Yukon Territory in 2010 and fell for the vast wilderness there. Dee’s strong love of nature, wildlife and the outdoors is the subject matter of her art. Dee’s main objective is to encourage people to reconnect with nature through art.

Interested in pushing the boundaries of two dimensional art and attempting to make paintings more sculptural, she has been painting with oil-based clay.

While at NES in Iceland, Dee is completing research on connections to nature and landscape. She will create sculptural landscape paintings and illustrations while taking in the beauty of Northern Iceland.

Dee is a member of the Yukon Artists at Work Co-operative (YA@W). Her art can be found at the YA@W Gallery, at Arts Underground Gallery and online.
Facebook: D Bailey Art page




Artist in Residence – Loes Heebink

Loes Heebink – Looking for stillness.

Light has always been an important part of my work; a necessary factor to work with video and photography, but also through applications of intangible elements such as light, water, sound in my installations and also permanent works in public space.

More and more I feel the need to make art from a private intrinsic necessity. Partly this has arisen from the changes in the art world, part by personal circumstances, but it gives me the opportunity to discover new ways. Less on commission, more with own projects, although this is financially more difficult. It feels like reinventing myself and is an exciting, but challenging process.

The project that I have been working on for a number of years is becoming larger and broader, but I feel the need to go back to the essence that should be smaller and more poetic than the big story that lies in sublime landscapes and extreme experiences. It must also become part of my own inner world to legitimize the necessity.
I hope to find this in NES, although a month is very short to find the silence and resist the temptation to lose myself in beautiful landscapes, skies and changes in weather conditions.

Sky Kisses Earth
The starting point of the project is the fascination with the immense radiation of energy from the sun, but also the energy from the inside of the earth that meets on the horizon.

It is an almost incomprehensible grandeur that I want to represent and connect with myself and my art, which is almost ‘of what one can not speak’. But I want to find an expression for the elusive.

Information about former work you can find on my website
and about Sky Kisses Earth on the FB page


Artist in Residence – Elina Salonen

Elina Salonen is a sculptor and glass artist from Finland. Her work is often related to nature and connections between nature and humans.

She is interested in the way we pay attention to the small things in our everyday life.  What captures our interest and how we interact with things happening around us?

She processes things by giving them forms. During her artist residency she is interested in exploring a new environment.

Drawings and prototypes for a series of glass sculptures will be inspired by winter light and surrounding landscape. She is looking for textures and forms that, once transformed into glass pieces, will transmit the feeling of a windy winter day in Skagaströnd.
(Photos taken by Video Hasari)

Artist in Residence – Sylvia Donis

Sylvia Donis is a French visual artist, graduated in photography (ENSP Arles, France) and in fine art (BA visual art, Pantheon Sorbonne, Paris).

Her work allows itself several shapes: photography and/or video installations, video, super 8 movies and drawing.

She is interested by metaphoric « black holes », as she can find them in the memories, in human faces, in the absence and presence, in disappearance.

Each of her installations propose a sort of peculiar narration. During her stay in Iceland she wants to experiment the particular light of this country, the eternal night and the midnight sun. 


Artist in Residence – Penny Coss

Penny Coss – Australia

“I am often attracted to landscapes with troubled histories, including the natural environment , its biology, botany and geology with oblique references to energy and landscape systems in extremis. Recent work focused on natural and manmade disasters including the prevalence of local bushfires and algal bloom in the littoral zones of water systems, Queensland floods in Charleville 2009 and the 2011 tsunami that hit the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant .
A type of psychogeography, walking in the landscape is situational, traversing that which is familiar and unfamiliar.

My art practice is in concert with walking in the landscape, intuitively bringing these experiences to the studio. Intense meditation and time spent testing and experimentating culminates in a rich archive of ongoing interexchange between ideas and material outcomes. 

Constructed paintings in multiple components and various supports often rely on gravity within a vertical field, held suspended on the wall or on or above the floor.

Purple Stain 2018 by Penny Coss, Somplace Else exhibition at Art Collective August 2018

In recent work, lengths of canvas fall or drape in different saturations, crushed, dyed and painted, revealing marks and accidents through cutting tears, creases and irregularities. Parts inform parts, woven under and over, leaning one on top or over another— they are held, bound, touching and resting.

Untitled After Shadow 2018 by Penny Coss, Somplace Else exhibition at Art Collective August 2018

Skagaströnd, Iceland