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The residency is loosely structured with 2 set events each month: free format artists presentations and a public open studio event.  In order to keep our residency fees low and artistic freedom high, the NES team provides accessory site support: we are on the sideline to assist with any logistical issues or artistic questions that arise as needed. We view our role in the residency more as supporters rather than managers or administrators.

While it is in no way required to present an exhibition NES can certainly assist you in locating a venue in town to create a pop up solo or group exhibition.  We manage these requests on a case-by-case basis, the town is small and options limited and we can not guarantee that a suitable place is available.  Please note, all work and costs associated with said exhibitions are the responsibility of the artists.  “Pop Up” exhibitions are a good opportunity for anyone wishing to expand their community reach.

Each month NES hosts between 9 – 12 artists from around the world, all from various artistic backgrounds and at different moments in their individual artistic careers. Placements at our standard residency are granted in monthly blocks and it is strongly preferred and encouraged that artists stay 2 months or more, in order to foster a fully immersive experience.

If you are looking for a shorter residency stay, this can be arranged with accommodation at the local guesthouse, you can find more information here.

Please note that we are a family-friendly residency and from time to time have artists staying with children.

To learn more, please download our guidelines.

Download Our Guidelines

We have put together a comprehensive information booklet from how to travel to Skagaströnd, to what to pack and what you will find in an around town.