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Thomas Jackson

Thomas Jackson (Australia)(Life model: Adela Filipovic / Croatia

Life Drawing with Model

Thomas focused on the basics of drawing, all based on the human figure. For the first hour, students focused on a number of life-drawing poses, thanks to Adela the model. They started off with 5x 30-second poses where students were asked to work on the skeletal structure of the model. Working out the curvature of the spine and the axes of the hips and shoulders. When the students had an understanding of this section, they moved on to the more ‘blocky’ structures. Building basic shapes out of boxes and curves to create the foundation of the form. The students where asked to draw for ten minutes using these skills to create a comprehensive human form. The second hour was free play and games with drawing. The idea here is to have fun with drawing and show that although there are technical sides to drawing and illustration, it’s important to have fun while doing it.