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Madeleine Clare


Print & Drawing Workshop
Explanation of print ideas.
• Blindfold freeform shape building with paper and charcoal. To warm ideas.
• Animal shape forms, drawn and cut to be templates for print design.
• Experiment with print technique:

  • Monotype and Relief printing.
  • Ink the surface of glass plate with water-based ink.
  • Practice rolling, creating consistency of ink to produce different textures.
  • Place cut-out shapes, marks from natural objects, brushes, rags to remove ink to
    create a subtractive image.
  • Take a print. Use different papers for greater definition, subtlety and texture.
  • Class 2:

    • View Artist’s print work at NES.
    • Development of animal mural. Identify abstract shapes.
    • Revision of Monotype Relief print technique.
    • Prepare animal template to print design with chosen cut-outs and mark-making
    using found natural objects.
    • Preparation of print surface.
    • Print using two textures of paper.