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Gallery – Alison Hemphill & Daniel Hall

Alison is a creative soul with a lifelong passion for the arts, design, science, and tech. Her background is in industrial design and digital sculpture, and her passion is fusing artistry with tech. Her work manifests as immersive and interactive pieces that attempt to challenge conventional expression. With a mission to leave a positive footprint on the world, she crafts pieces and experiences that move through a variety of senses, dimensions, and settings which strive to educate, empower, and uplift.

Daniel is an engineer-turned-artist who is curiously exploring how to channel his problem solving skills into creative endeavors. Since the very first time he played a video game (Pac-man) at the age of 5, he has explored how computer graphics and video games can enable interactive experiences far beyond the limitations of reality.
Inspired by the beauty of nature surrounding us and how it fuels the imagination, Daniel hopes to create art that helps us share joyful moments together and treasure the planet and the life that it bears.