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Eley is a commercial and portrait photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia where she has taken her style of depicting the magnificence that exists in everyone’s lives. Her work presents the boldness, the expressiveness, and the raw identity of each life captured. A staple of Eley’s work is the content she creates about humanity by bringing awareness to socio-political issues within our community. Eley is heavily invested in creating visual platforms to nurture conversations about subcultures including the visually impaired, African-Americans, and women’s rights.

Whilst in Skagaströnd Eley is focused on creating a multi media photography docu-torial (documentary and editorial fusion) to highlight various cultures to present the uniqueness of individuals, open the door to conversation and understanding of one another & welcome the fusion of culture in Iceland.
Here is a link to Eley’s Instagram; and here is a link to Eley’s Website;