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Hannah JH. Bang is an interdisciplinary artist originally from South Korea who is now based in New York, United States. Her artistic vision encompasses a wide range of mediums, including painting, performance, installation, fiber art, and video, all of which aim to explore and present an understanding of human consciousness.

During her time at NES, Hannah has been dedicated to her latest project, “What’s in my life,” which is a digital art exploration of recording all the personal belongings and items that evoke responsibility and interaction with the way we live our lives.

Hannah’s work has been exhibited in solo shows in Atlanta and displayed in galleries like the Ceder House Gallery in Savannah. Her art has also been part of group exhibitions in Atlanta, an open studio and live performances in Lacoste, France, and an illustration fair in Busan and Suwon, South Korea. Most recently, her work has been featured in the Blue Chip 99 Artist magazine (March 2023). You can see more of Hannah’s work at and