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Heejoon June Yoon is an interdisciplinary artist and educator whose work aims to uncover the ecology of absurdity and abnormal settings within the contemporary life through audiovisual making. Yoon’s recent work focuses on the interplay between body, form and shape in relation to semiotic theory.

Inspired by how media technologies shape perception and communication, often leading to impressive miscommunications, she is making a series of landscapes and portraits of “unknown lumps” with A.I., 3D scanning and digital manipulation, collecting the machine’s algorithmic interpretation of her human-hand-drawings. 

During her time at NES, she is creating a pseudo-documentary video to elucidate her observations on the glitches in imaging technologies. By tackling photographic and digital imaging, she seeks to investigate the multi-dimensional nature and complex hierarchy of reality and virtuality, and how this interplay influences our perception of the visual world.