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Hermen Grasman (1964) is a Dutch graphic designer and type designer educated at the Academy for Visual Arts in Groningen. Graduated in 1988. Since 1992 he has his own studio and works for various major clients.

He made one of the Beste Verzorgde Boeken (Best Designed Books) – jury’s report: The footnotes are collected between chapters on pages with a gray bound and that way brings air into the book. Something we have never seen footnotes do: Class!.

Hermen received the Scholco Award – jury’s report: … the eye-catching typography in the interior…and the Idem Superior Design Award.

He has exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Museum Mermanno in The Hague and Gallery Pictura Groningen.

During his stay in Skagaströnd he works on a new letter project, a book on prime numbers and runs the Myvatn marathon.