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What we really need the most in a speedy and competitive society is ‘rest & relaxation.’ In particular, I suffered from ‘a cancer’ because I was living a tough life without resting. After then, I usually listen to what my body and mind are saying.

Recently, my language is a ‘rest & relaxation’. I have newly recorded a language of my personal unconscious break in a visual language and tried to draw it out of my consciousness by researching various resources.

At the first step, I started researching a word, ‘rest & relaxation.’

There are two kinds of rest, static and dynamic rest. A static rest is to do nothing and just relax. On the other hand, a dynamic rest is to spend an enjoyable time doing light exercises, taking a walk, and traveling. To divide it functionally, the static break rests my mind, whereas the dynamic break brings new energy into my body.

In an exhibition of the time, I provided a space (forest) for a static break through my dynamic break (knitting – trunks of a tree).

I kept researching a break while offering a rest area through my break and found research called ‘Healing Effect of Green Nature.’

According to the research, Mark Berman who is an American psychologist handed out ‘GPS’ to students from the University of Michigan and enabled them to take a walk. The students were divided into two groups. One group was asked to take a walk in the near arboretum, and the other group walked around the town. After then, those two groups had a series of psychological tests. Its result was so certain. Students who walked around the town felt not good and concentrated on their work less than students who walked from tree to tree did. The second test showed a more surprising result. It was proven that just looking at the natural sceneries in pictures affected mental health much more effectively than watching the city streets did.

In addition to this, I got interested in how other people rested, and then, I have been recently conducting a project.

This exhibition was inspired by the healing effect of the green nature proven by those tests. Audiences tells the artist their own ways to take a rest by research paper through a project to exchange how to rest and receive resting methods of the artist (seeds). This is that the audiences and artist exchange their own resting methods. The audiences grow the seeds, experience the artist’ resting methods, and send photos of the grown seeds to the artist again. Also, I hope they will look back at their own methods to rest while taking a look at how others take a rest in an exhibition hall and find out another way to rest.

You can find out more about Jayi Kim and her art practice on her website and Instagram page