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portrait of the artist Joé Côté-R
photo by Noémie Sylvestre

Born in Limoilou, Joé Côté-R moved from the suburb of Atontarégué, Kebec (Quebec) to Hochelaga to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in sculpture at Concordia University.

Joé’s works, which employ ever-changing mediums, bear witness to our interactions with the environment, with beings, and with materials. Through the various contemplations reflected in his works, one finds intertwined actions and political directions. Raising questions about our ways of functioning, interacting, and communicating. Joé’s work pierces through the methods by which things are constructed, how they fall, and what benefits these movements yield. It questions the writing of our collective history.

His undisciplined work allows the collagist from Hochelaga to extract creationism™ from the act of creation. Composing a populist art aiming to be a vantage point, a fixed stopping place, alone or together, to always look at the landscape with a fresh perspective.