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A native of Nebraska, Katie Meuser has experienced openness, breadth, and a variety of landscapes that have shaped her pieces through her artistic journey into the modern spaces of her Chicago home. In the open country Katie has seen splendor in chaos and control living in harmony and has been able to focus these ideas into a contemporary style of non-objective and expressionist abstract art with an emphasis on figures, color fields, and moving hues in her pieces. Through her evolving process of color ratios and meticulously expanding, water-like designs Katie has found inspiration in the change and movement of the tones across large canvases and the opportunities her large-scale formats have to offer.

“Currently I have been working on a series of smaller landscapes where I memorize a photo I have taken and try to recreate it with only memory, focusing on color and shapes. This process of eliminating detail helps me come up with new color schemes and compositions for larger pieces with a little flicker of a memory of where I have been. In Iceland, where the detail is already eliminated from vast white landscapes, I have been really focusing on the colors I do see from buildings and the bright blues and reds you get from the sun when you close your eyes. I love creating these abstract pieces because I believe abstract art elicits vulnerability making it accessible to everyone’s unique experience”.

You can see more of Katie’s work at and on her Instagram page