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Laura Prochilo is a multidisciplinary artist originally from the New York City area. They have been travelling the world and making art in a variety of mediums including photography, experimental film, collage, 3D installation, and performance art. Their work explores the concept of time and impermanence, as well as the evolving nature of pop culture.  Over the course of their six month residency at Nes, they are working on several projects including an experimental film, a novel, and an installation piece.

The world we live in is usually repetitive, often dull, and occasionally ridiculous. Inside the tedious boxes of our day to day lives, we can sometimes feel like we are the punchline to a cosmic joke. But every now and then, we are struck by something different and divine. When we least expect it, beauty takes us by surprise and light shines in the darkest places. It is this dichotomy that interests me the most, and in these crosshairs the inspiration for their art is born.

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