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I am a photographer and I like to intertwine documentary and artistic approaches in my work. I am mostly interested in how we, as humans, inhabit our environment and build stories around it. These stories can be personal and tell about a specific phase in somebody’s life or they can be multi-generational and deeply rooted in our subconscious mind.

Here in Skagaströnd I have been diving into a project I had already started 2 years ago in Iceland. It evolves around Icelandic mythologies and supernatural beliefs, from Asatru religion to experiences related to the huldufolk. I love how every place in Iceland is connected to some story that shapes the experience Icelandic people have of their surroundings.

So my time here has been mainly about meeting people willing to share these stories with me and discovering places that have a strong energy to them. You can find more of Léa’s work on her website or