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Linda’s work focuses on landscape in its varieties – urban, rural, coastal and sometimes wild. She is interested in how the landscape changes with the passage of time – not just seasonal change but how the landscape is shaped by human intervention, environmental forces, climate change and nature’s adaptations.

Her process involves the use of mixed water media on paper. Works are typically built in layers of paint and collage which are often torn back. This process continues until the desired effect is achieved.

Collage papers sometimes include printed text but are usually hand prepared papers. These exploit the textural effects that can be achieved with the physical behaviour of watercolour on various paper types. Sometimes paper properties such as texture or absorbency are modified to get different effects. Linda also uses innovative techniques exploiting the interaction between watercolour and acrylic on different papers.

She was elected an Associate of the Royal Watercolour Society in 2021.

Linda’s work has been featured in The Artist magazine (April 2021) and the Spring 2022 edition of the American publication Watercolor Artist. It has also been included in several books.

Instagram @linda.m.saul