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Lis is a visual artist, from Buenos Aires, Argentina; in the continuous search to reinvent oneself, exploring and discovering one’s own artistic language, taking Essentialism as its axis. Her works arise from an experience of finding without searching; where everything is becoming, as Heraclitus and Nietzsche would say; which would promote, through play, the opening of those previously closed windows of consciousness. This philosophy, together with artistic practice, aims to dramatize and intensify everyday life. Themes such as childhood, anthropomorphism, music, and irony appear recurrently, to the detriment of the replacement of experience with an idea or representation and the spectacularization of art.

During her stay at NES, Lis has explored engraving, sculpture, made a monochromatic series of drawings and paintings in blue tones, inspired by the perceptions that arise in everyday walking and portrayed, using the cyanotype technique, light, in sheets that she has submerged in the sea, which she will use for subsequent projects.

“Only in movement does alchemy occur, just like life itself. This is the art I choose to make.”