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Lito Apostolakou is a visual artist based in London UK, working with drawing, moving image and installation. Her work investigates the architecture of remembered space, where the real and the fictional merge creating uncertain, often fragile narratives. She is currently developing an installation on the theme of hypnagogia, the state between wakefulness and sleep – an in-between space, where it is possible to dream without losing consciousness.

Sleep on Snow
drawing – pencil and oil stick on Khadi paper, underwater sound recording

Drawn to NES by the promise of snow, solitude and darkness, Lito is filming the interplay of ice and water at the seafront of Skagaströd, and also capturing sounds with a field recorder and hydrophone. She is exploring ways of merging this visual and audio material with her drawings to create an immersive dreamscape installation, perhaps a Museum of Sleep.

See more of her work on and her Instagram @inklinks

Sleep-Awake Landscape
drawing – pencil and oil stick on Khadi paper, video, music clip by Hildur Guðnadóttir