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In my artistic practice, I focus on exploring the relationship between women and nature, seeking to express their strength and determination through the symbolism of the natural world. My current project, which I am pursuing at the NES artist residency, titled “Iceland is a Woman,” delves into this interconnected dynamic, portraying women as an integral part of nature, reflecting their strength, beauty, and independence. This project is holistic, combining not only visual art but also elements of a healthy lifestyle and harmony with nature. This encompasses both the conditions of nature and the actions I undertake during the project. My inspiration stems from personal experiences seeking strength and balance in Iceland. It is a country that captivates not only with its landscapes but also offers the opportunity to explore various health practices, such as proper diet, regular running, cold exposure, cryotherapy, meditation, and energy work. All these elements influence my creative processes and constitute an integral part of my artistic life in Iceland.