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Martin Harman is a a multimedia artist based in Somerset UK creating ceramic sculpture, and painting.

Stonehenge serves as a constant source of inspiration for Martin. The towering stones beckon him to question the mysteries of belief, spirituality, time, space, society and the human experience.

For this artist residency project at NES Martin is creating a series of postcards under the project name “Memories of Skagastrond, Iceland”.

This series of postcards are being created to reflect the essence of the local area such as its landscape and colours, space and surreal appearance. “Being immersed in this environment makes me think I am in an icy desert, the colours black and white come to my mind, it is an imaginative space of mystery”.

Just like travel postcards that we send to friends and family from the country’s we visit, Martin will be placing designs on the back. This will allow people to write down their own message, and there will be an area for the address and stamp to be placed. Welcome to see how this project progresses at: