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Mia Hochrein is a conceptual, multimedia artist who captures the essence of her surroundings and uses different tangible and intangible elements to show the intertemporal stories hidden in them. 

As an artist, she begins her works by collecting things. These things always have a connection to the places she is living at this time. The next important part of her work is gathering, intangible stuff, that tells stories about the culture, the inhabitants, further times, and feelings that happened there.

Both these parts – collected things and felt atmospheres – trigger a process to develop her new artistic project. At this point, she decides what kind of tools she will use, so that her thoughts and her impressions can be expressed. 

At the end of this process, the artistic statement can be a print, an artist’s book, an installation, a performance, an object, or a project with the collaboration of different people. 

You can see more of Mia’s work on her website