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I have always felt an almost mystical call from inanimate objects that do not speak
or move. Sometimes they are the spaces that surround us. I imagine the world as
perceived by the walls, I imagine being a bone inside a bird’s body, and sometimes
I try to imagine being the wind. I’ve been focusing on approaching these things
recently, trying to go beyond language and even consciousness, if not too
ambitious. Such a call takes me to places like empty buildings, the night, or the
forest. And it seems that all I want to do is simply stand there and feel whatever jolt
the environment and the objects in it bring to my heart and body.

I work with site-specific performances, it gives me the chance to translate my
personal experiences into forms, transcend my physical borders and reach the
audience. I see myself and the audience both as participators, and I see the space
created by a performance where private and public, conceptualized and undefined
Mica Pan lives and works in Amsterdam, she graduated from the Fine Arts
department in Gerrit Rietveld Academie. You can see more of Mica’s work at