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Nikki Culley is an analogue photographer and dark room printer based in Manchester UK with a main interest in documentary and creative storytelling. Nikki uses photography to go on adventures in the world and tell stories of people, land and community; work is made in sequences and tends to follow themes of love, loss and discovery.

 “The most important thing about making photographs for me is learning. I am always trying to keep learning about others, community, the world and myself. I used to think my life was all about me. But now I understand, it’s all about others.

 “There are so many incredible people to meet and stories to hear and without community rooted in meaning and purpose, we are all lost. I try to work from these values when making photographs, especially when I am invited into communities that are different to mine and outside of the culture I was raised in.

 “That is a well debated dynamic in photography – should you only make photographs of ‘your own’? Perhaps. I anchor all my work in exchange, relationship and contribution – I make sure I believe in the values that underpin the stories I tell, how projects are made and work hard to be clear on the reasons why I’m there with a camera.”

 Nikki gave up a career in corporate London as a business journalist to pursue a more creative life, re-route into the arts and make photographs.

You can see more of Nikki’s work at and

Photographs below from series MOTHERLAND sharing the stories of the lives of working women on sheep and cow farms in Iceland.