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STEFANIE JORDAN is an award-winning visual artist, filmmaker, animator, illustrator, lecturer, and comic artist based in Berlin, Germany. For over twenty years, she has made animated films as well as feature-length documentaries, writing, directing, producing, and doing camera work. Her work has earned many accolades internationally, including the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival and the German Woman Media Award, and has been shown in venues as diverse as New York’s MoMA as well as on television in Denmark, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and the US. She was also awarded the Women Artist grant for Film & Video by the Berlin Senate several times.

In the past few years, she has started gravitating more towards illustrative work and comic/graphic narration. Her sequential art has been exhibited and published in several online literature magazines internationally. During her stay at the NES artist residency, she has been creating a number of animated miniatures inspired by her long strolls through the iconic landscape of Iceland. This has also inspired her to explore transforming this imagery into linocuts – which is new terrain for her. You can see more of Stefanie’s artwork at