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Wen-Hsi Harman is a Taiwanese/ British ceramic artist, based in Somerset, United Kingdom.

Her ceramic practice investigates the concept of ‘in-betweenness’ between Taiwan and Britain, between her homeland and the foreign land, between death and living, between writing and making, between speaking and not speaking, between time and space and between the artistic world and real world. 

These in-between experiences give her a platform, to address who she is and to express and communicate her journey with those who might have these life experiences, to help herself to cope with the challenges of living in ‘in-between’ two countries and cultures.

During the NES Artist Residency she is creating a series of handmade royal porcelain figurative adventurers. She is creating these by collecting the sand and dry plants from the Iceland and adding this to the clay to fire to 1250 degrees. Inevitably this is to unpack the unpredicted challenges of entering a New World where we are nudged forward to new life.

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