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Yoshima Azuma, ceramist, born Kyoto, Japan.

Easy to use when using food. When you don't use it, you can make flowers, stack them up,
or decorate them as oranges. The aim is to create a simple, stateless atmosphere that is
not trapped by the style, and that can be created by adding
the sensibilities of the people who use it.

The material is mainly potter's wheel using semi-porcelain. In
order to give the contrast of the soft and gentle expression
that the soil has in the simple and sharp line, the processing
of the edges of the vessel is important. We produce a lot of
vessels that have a soft edge and have a bent edge or a
different glaze only on the edge. In addition, the glaze has
been devised to prepare a glaze with a matte texture so that
you can enjoy subtle color changes when bathing in the light
of the sun when it contains water. You can find more about Yoshimi and her work on her website and Facebook page