Video Artwork

Many of our artists are filmmakers. The Skagaströnd community, and Iceland at large is often featured.

Whilst at NES in 2019, long-time collaborators Alia Malley and Noah Herzog spent time finishing the edit for their beautifully constructed 3-channel video projection and installation: ‘The Logic of Events’. Due to COVID, the full installation and exhibiiton has been postponed, and instead, the video has been formatted to be presented online.
The film The Logic of Events has been selected as part of the Isolation Film Festival.

If you want a little idea of Nes from the inside then take a look at this lovely little video created by 2019 artist in residence Paul Scannell.

Musician Julian Doigny captured on camera the work process of artist Sofya Stupenkova when painting a mural in Skagaströnd during her May 2019 residency.

An experimental nature documentary created by 2016 Nes artist Jeff Mertz with narration by another Nes artist Sandi Anderson.  A poetic look at the lifestyles of three Icelandic shorebird species.

2015 Nes Artist/writer/director Markus Schroder created a short documentary film about local Skagaströnd resident Sigurjon Eiriksson and his motorsport hobby of ‘Drifting’.

Filmmaker Jeff Mertz created this lovely visual poem whilst in residence at Nes.

Two artists Jérémy Pailler and Drew Krasner met at Nes, one an illustrator/animator and the other a musician. They collaborated on this film Landakort which was part of a much larger   co-production and CD recording of the Icelandic Soundscape Trio.

Number 4 in the series of Dream State / Wake State by recent Nes artists Dimity Magnus and Steven Aaron Hughes explore runes and the notion of prophecy with our own Skagaströnd Prophetess Dagný Marín Sigmarsdóttir.

Great interview with one of our much loved Nes artists, Yu Araki talking about past projects and his new work – Temple of the Templet, currently on show at the Yokohama Museum of Art.

Thought provoking interview with recent Nes artists Dimity Magnus and Steven Aaron Hughes discussing their experience at Nes, Skagaströnd and Iceland plus their current film series Dream State / Wake State.  More info about the series can be found on their FB page.

Dimity Magnus and Steven Aaron Hughes artists from Western Australia and whilst  in residence at Nes have created a  short film series that reflects on the perception of nature and its influence on the human consciousness shot at pristine locations in Iceland.

Here is #2 in the series DREAM STATE/WAKE STATE

More of the videos can be found here.

Adam Wojcinski performs 24 hour tea ceremony for Hiroshima in Skagaströnd.  More information about the performance can be found here.

Singer songwriter and leader of Teeth and Tongue Jess Cornelius has just premiered  her new song ‘Cupcake’ with video shot whilst here in Skagaströnd at Nes.

Film maker Temujin Doran created this stunning film The Weight Of Mountains during his residency at Nes for TWOM.

The trailer to Lopapeysa a short film by David Scott Kessler.

Another touching video from Emily McAllan on her time at Nes for the Weight of Mountains residency, her feelings are akin to how other artists often feel as they leave here.

Emily McAllan here in 2013/14 for the Weight of Mountains film residency created a beautiful series of film letters whilst here.  There are 10 in the series and you can see more on her website.

Timelapse video of the winter solstice 2014 in Skagaströnd by Nes artist Ryo Yamauchi (Japan).

Artist Jihyun KIM created this poetic film during her stay at Nes in Skagaströnd.

Music video shot in Skagaströnd and created by recent Nes artist David Rusanow (Australia).