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“ I believe that my relationship to poetry is animated by three energies which complete and nourish each other: a call from Childhood, the vertigo of a dialogue with the Unknown, language and body seeking together the infinite conjugation of Love. ”

Coline Marescaux defines herself as a poetic researcher. She explores and creates singular poetic forms, that fit the spaces and the audiences it is addressed.  She is currently working on the idea of a Poetic Body. Focus is placed on the spaces where poems resonate to create sensations, awake memories, and connect with people.  The Poetic Body is a search, a quest for a link between the poem’s body and the spectator. 

Coline Marescaux seeks the reflection and the echo of her words in the Icelandic landscapes. She explores an unknown and fertile ground in which her poems could find a way.  She is currently writing her first collection and her next show: Oh feu ma terre! (Oh my fire land!)