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Emily is a creative writer who incorporates magical realism, Beat ethos, and nihilism into her own variety of literary realism. She situates her work within the contemporary world, finding the place where the surreal and the painfully real intertwine. She distills unremarkable moments, those which make up the bulk of existence in an ultimately beautiful way, down to their details in order to capture their essence.

Primarily a writer of long-form fiction, she also dabbles in short stories and poetry. During her residency at NES, she completed the manuscript for her first novel, in which the daily experiences of an anonymous narrator and other characters explore the disillusion and longing that permeate a large subset of her generation as they react to, and try to find a place in, a pandemic-altered world. The book is a love letter to the world in all its contradictions, and a nod to the moments that remind you that you really are alive. For updates, follow her @goldenslumbers__