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I am not the first to say that the arts is one of the purest records of our history, sociology and mythology; it is a glimpse into the truth of the past and often – at its greatest, a glimmer of the future. As bias, division, and indoctrination carve holes into our reality on a macro and micro level, it is art that continues to weave an honest fabric that will perhaps one day be the binding force we need.In the last few years, as my work began to define itself to me, I realized that my storytelling serves a provisional function of offering options, until, I hope, those options become a reality.

I am a playwright, screenwriter and director from New York City and within all these mediums devote myself to the investigation of the soft underbelly of human experience, my work often has a utopian ideology at its backbone, because well, we must imagine it until it becomes true. 

While at NES I have mainly focused on writing a deeply personal feature film that is largely autobiographical – a very new kind of project for me.  My two months here have been filled with honest self-reflection and acrobatic fantasizing, a maddeningly wonderful dichotomy to work from .  As with all my other work, my new piece attempts to stand up to prescribed societal norms and expectations, especially those relating to women (self-identifying and defining), and offer up alternatives. 

My wish and dream for American (and international) arts is a release of perfection, of a “final product”, of an ideal and instead to accept global permission to deep dive into process, investigation, and the singular beauty of experimentation. NES has provided beautiful time and space for just that.