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Matthew Daddona is a poet, fiction writer, and journalist who came to NES to work on his second novel. Both his first novel, the Longitude of Grief (forthcoming from Wandering Aengus Press, 2024), and his poetry collection, House of Sound (Trail to Table Press, 2020) explored themes of aging, domesticity, and expectations in small towns and more confined environs. His novel-in-progress looks outward (internationally at times) and explores how best to be a human in a hyper-modernizing, competitive world (think of the themes of Thomas Mann set in the Twitterverse where they’re being bugged by Oscar Wilde).

During his time at NES, Matthew frequently altered his writing environment–flipping from studio to library to bedroom to kitchen–as a means to explore how geography affects the creative process. Matthew says his time at NES will make it hard to go back to “normal life,” but what is normal anyway? What is reality if not a perplexing transference of time and space?