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Michael Heyman is the Fizzbert P. Pinkbottom Endowed Chair of Nonsense at Berklee College of Music (FPPECNBCM) in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a scholar and writer of literary nonsense and children’s literature, and teaches courses on Children’s Literature and Music, Performance Poetry, Nonsense, Monsterology, and Arthropodiatry. In his time at NES, he has been throat singing to Spákonufell Mountain, writing nonsense parodies, and spitting into the wind. He is planning on staying in Skagaströnd, pending his imminent partnership with a prehensile puffin. Thanks to the beneficence of the Entirely Probable Icelandic Home Office of Beaklipituity (EPIHOB), such a union will allot him a small red barn, 2.5 ponies, and an ample herring annuity. Invitations by kelpogram are forthcoming.
You can see samples of his work at: Photo credits: