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Päivi Liski is a Finnish writer and a teacher of creative writing. Her first book a short story collection Erään kanan tarina (Story of a Chicken, S&S 2022) explored human-animal relationship and showed how we live in multispecies communities. The reviews of the book were overwhelmingly positive and it was nominated for two important literature prices Helsingin Sanomien kirjallisuuspalkinto and Runeberg-palkinto.

While in NES residency she is writing a novel titled Kaikki mitä ikinä halusin (Everything I Ever Wanted). The novel revolves around the same themes as the short story collection but it also discovers the uncanny both in ourselves and in everything around us. As a source material for writing she uses mythology, fairy tales, folklore animal studies, biology and history. The novel takes place on a fictional volcanic island, which is famous for its pilgrimage site and a cave where a mystic creature lives.

Päivi Liski is also writing a guidebook to creative writing. Here is her introduction at the Publishers S&S webpage