About Nes

The Nes Artist Residency was founded in March 2008 in Skagaströnd, a small town in North West Iceland, the first artists in residence arrived in June. As one of the largest residencies in Iceland, Nes currently hosts between 130-150 artists per year. Nes provides artists with a workspace and living quarters within Skagaströnd. During their stay, artists live in four shared apartments throughout the town. The Nes studios at Fjörubraut 8 are housed in what once was the main fish processing plant in Skagaströnd.

Nes is a process based residency. We aim to provide opportunities for international and artistic exchange, as well as an immersive space to allow the artistic process to develop and thrive. Due to the intimate relationship between Nes and the community of Skagaströnd, Nes also places an emphasis on community engagement and collaborative practices. We encourage all artists that come to Nes to join us with curiosity to connect with this special place as part of their personal experience and artistic practice.

Nes is a multidisciplinary residency that accepts applicants from all creative fields. We offer a writer in residence program in collaboration with the University of Iceland, and coordinate access to additional facilities for dancers, composers and musicians. Nes also has a history of hosting filmmakers and researchers. As there is no end of answers to the question “who is an artist,” Nes accepts applicants on a basis of self-definition.

In addition to offering year round residency programs, Nes also operates as an educational resource. We work with local lectures and educators to develop both national and international educational exchange programs. For more information about the institutions we have worked with, see our partnerships page.

Nes is currently redesigning its webpage. To see images of Nes and Skagaströnd we recommend checking out our facebook page and the links on the side of our News page.