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Connor Ryan is a writer, director, and photographer from Pennsylvania. His films have screened in festivals globally, including the Lisbon Film Awards, Indie Shorts Awards Cannes, Lighthouse International Film Festival, and others. He is drawn to earnest and poetic stories that highlight how personal mythology shapes the individual. At NES Residency, he wrote and directed a narrative short film that weaves ancient Icelandic poetry with a soul-search for existential identity. The film follows an Icelandic fisherman who washes to shore, mysteriously unable to speak. He is oppressed by terrible, unseen dread and fear, and seeks to overcome his torment through a surreal pilgrimage into the wilderness. Connor worked closely with many members of the Skagaströnd community as actors and crew during the production. The film will be released in 2022. When he isn’t creating visual stories, Connor enjoys drinking a hot cup of tea, hiking up a mountain, and sailing his 1969 sailboat any day the winds are fair. You can find more about Connor and his films at