The Peripheral Society

In July 2012 Det Perifere Selskab // The Peripheral Society was in residence at Nes.


The collaborative artists worked from Nes over the month giving the international collective a chance to focus together in the same place and the same time, as members of The Peripheral Society are based in different countries or cities.

More information about their time here can be found on their public work-blog, Squatting In The Darkness, or further information on The Peripheral Society can be found on their website.

Artists works while at Nes can be found in our Alumni Gallery.

Squatting in the Darkness


“In July 2012 The Peripheral Society is working at NES Art Residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland. We are working on our new project Squatting in the Darkness. The title is inspired by an arctic Raven Myth. Our aim is to create a performing and visual event. Follow the on going process of research, search for inspiration, improvisation, storytelling and creation on our blog, which is an open notebook or a public working paper:

Pot-Luck Gathering


Bones for soup???



We welcome local residents to join our artists for a Pot-Luck dinner!

Bring a plate of food to share, and smiles to warm our hearts … see you there!


Nes Listamiðstöð

Fjörubraut 8

kl. 19:00

Miðvikudagur 11 Júlí.








Í kvöld á Kántrýbær! Ben Salter

Ben Salter



Á Kántrýbær kl. 22:00, Föstudagur, Júní 29.

With support from Nes Artist Residency, Ben Salter will play a special guest set at Kántrýbær tonight (Friday June 29)!  Salter is a contemporary alt-country and singer songwriter from Australia, and has come from good stock by way of Australian band, The Gin Club.

To hear a taste of Salter´s swoon check here


Nes Pot-Luck Dinner þriðjudagur Maí 8

Pot luck dinner will be held at Nes Studios, Fjörubraut 8, Skagströnd
at 19:00


We are welcoming our artists to Nes and embracing those who have been with us already!
In residence we have:

Alexander Clinthorne- USA, mixed media/clay sculpture (
Kimberlie Wong – USA, painting/drawing (
Theresa Northway – USA, drawing/sculpture/ceramics
Ulgen Semerci – Turkey, painting/drawing/mixed media (
Katharina Kamph – Germany, drawing/sculpture/mixed media (
Verena Faisst – Germany, photography/mixed media/performance (
Polly Stanton – Australia, photography/installation (

We welcome back from February:
Liz Layton, USA, multi-disciplinary, painting/drawing/mixed-media/installation (
Christian Castañeda Vásquez – Mexico, multi-disciplinary, painting/drawing/photography/installation

We continue to embrace!:
Léa Donnan (sculptor/mixed media/installation) from Australia.
Rossella Piccinno (film/photography) from Italy

Bring a plate of food to share to the Nes Studios and join us for good food and good company.


Barnaból 35, A Village Waltz

Barnaból 35, A Village Waltz. Directed by AnneMarie von Splunter.

We premiered Barnaból 35, A Village Waltz at the Nes Open House Exhibiton on the 26th April 2012.

The film was commissioned for the preschool in Skagaströnd, a village of 500 inhabitants on the northcoast of Iceland, and in celebration of it’s 35-th anniversary.
You are watching 88 pupils and staff who are or were at Leikskólinn Barnaból between 1977-2012.

Skagaströnd, Iceland