Artist in Residence – Sylvia Donis

Sylvia Donis is a French visual artist, graduated in photography (ENSP Arles, France) and in fine art (BA visual art, Pantheon Sorbonne, Paris).

Her work allows itself several shapes: photography and/or video installations, video, super 8 movies and drawing.

She is interested by metaphoric « black holes », as she can find them in the memories, in human faces, in the absence and presence, in disappearance.

Each of her installations propose a sort of peculiar narration. During her stay in Iceland she wants to experiment the particular light of this country, the eternal night and the midnight sun. 


Artist in Residence – Penny Coss

Penny Coss – Australia

“I am often attracted to landscapes with troubled histories, including the natural environment , its biology, botany and geology with oblique references to energy and landscape systems in extremis. Recent work focused on natural and manmade disasters including the prevalence of local bushfires and algal bloom in the littoral zones of water systems, Queensland floods in Charleville 2009 and the 2011 tsunami that hit the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant .
A type of psychogeography, walking in the landscape is situational, traversing that which is familiar and unfamiliar.

My art practice is in concert with walking in the landscape, intuitively bringing these experiences to the studio. Intense meditation and time spent testing and experimentating culminates in a rich archive of ongoing interexchange between ideas and material outcomes. 

Constructed paintings in multiple components and various supports often rely on gravity within a vertical field, held suspended on the wall or on or above the floor.

Purple Stain 2018 by Penny Coss, Somplace Else exhibition at Art Collective August 2018

In recent work, lengths of canvas fall or drape in different saturations, crushed, dyed and painted, revealing marks and accidents through cutting tears, creases and irregularities. Parts inform parts, woven under and over, leaning one on top or over another— they are held, bound, touching and resting.

Untitled After Shadow 2018 by Penny Coss, Somplace Else exhibition at Art Collective August 2018

Writer in Residence – Katrin Eichmann

Katrin Eichmann was born in 1974 in Bochum/Germany, where she still lives today. She knew early on that she wanted to make writing her profession. She studied German language and literature and philosophy in Bochum, Kiel and Hamburg. Katrin’s literary focus is on experimental literature. An e-book and a paperback will be published in 2018. She likes being a resident artist and getting to know the country and its people.

Artist in Residence – Johanna van der Linden

“I am a Melbourne based print-maker and recent graduate from Australian Catholic University’s Bachelor of Visual Arts/Bachelor of Teaching degree. My practice combines traditional printmaking mediums with more contemporary mixed media approaches.

My work explores ritual, the corporeal and the everyday. Through the cathartic processes of recording and printing, I examine concepts of connection, memory, human frailty and intimacy.

During this residency, I will continue my exploration of these themes but will experiment with print making techniques directly in the Icelandic landscape, using the ice as a surface for creating prints. The location of this residency in rural Northern Iceland will give me the opportunity to further explore the body and its relationship to the natural world.”


Artist in Residence – Grit Sauerborn

“Spaces, surfaces, perspectives, reactions and ideas, discoveries inside and outside, in broken or pure colors, with strict lines facing diffuse transitions. Layer by layer, playing and thinking spaces are created.

I draw and make collages to finally transfer what I found to the canvas.
I find my inspiration in harbors and squares lying on the water.
Comprehensive picture series’ are created.

Works are held in Japan, Lithuania, Denmark and China, and these experiences have shaped my content and way of working. In Iceland, I have discovered working on small paper sculptures, which is another step and a good way for me to tell new stories.”

Artist In Residence – Soohyang Ahn

Resident artist Soohyang Ahn is a writer and photographer, based in Busan, S. Korea. She did not major in art, but she’s always been writing and holding a camera in her hands since she was a child. And now it’s become a job.

Soohyang has a number of essays on the pages of magazines and books through photographs and writings. She is mainly inspired by travel, nature, and solitary scenery. And if life is a novel, it is still believed that travel is close to poetry.  

Instagram @2nd_summer

Artist in Residence – Angela Eastman

Angela Eastman is an artist and jewelry designer residing in Detroit, Michigan. She works in sculpture, installation, and performance, often collaboratively, to explore the relationships between adaptability, consumption, and a sense of home.

She holds an MFA in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BA from Colorado College. Angela has participated in residencies and fellowships at Penland School of Crafts, Vermont Studio Center, the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, Talking Dolls, and the Ragdale Foundation. Her work has been exhibited nationally and is in the collections of Duke University, Colorado College, and the University of Arkansas.

Artist in Residence – Tyler Witzel

Tyler Witzel is a multidisciplinary artist from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. His past work has seen him utilize a broad range of mediums including film, animation, puppetry, and sculpture.

An avid sketchbook keeper, drawing is always at the core of any project he engages with. Tyler is currently working with drawing and painting exclusively, applying graphic narrative storytelling to single illustrations on paper, using a variety of media.


Taking cues from the local instruments of labour and industry, as well as pondering Icelandic folklore and magic, Tyler is creating visually dissonant works that reflect his perception of how these elements interact and exist in the same space.


Artist in Residence – Susanne Gabler

“I concern myself with images in the sense of imprints or marks on social and thereby material surfaces.

Sociopolitical and ecological realities cause inequalities, which are the reflected images of our human and emotional defects and are linked to all sorts of social restraints.

In working in public art I am interested in the process of appropriating public spaces.

Who occupies them? When and for whatever reason? The ecological conditions on our planet have especially been of concern in my work in recent years. In my work, an aesthetic image often serves as an image of our ecological drama.

My work is a reflection of what I observe and address to the viewer.”


Skagaströnd, Iceland