Artist in Residence – Dóra Benyó

Hi! I am Dóra Benyó, artist working between The Hague, the Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium.

My video project at Nes is based on the footage that I collected on a guided tour in Iceland. During sightseeing I captured how the tourist behave. In their hiking boots and colourful jackets the tourists use the landscape as a stage in which they create a choreography and become performer.

Artist in Residence – Ingrid Erickson

“My work spans the intersection of art and science through the investigation of specific species and ecosystems. Each piece is individually hand cut using an x-acto knife and scissors, with up to several thousand individual cuts per piece, and color is added after cutting is complete, with layers of light-fast acrylic spray paint.

While at Nes, I am working on a large-scale installation in cut paper featuring the ecology of the ecosystem here in Skagaströnd. My research process involves walking the cliffs and shoreline; sketching, observing and documenting live species and specimens. If you stop by the studio you will see that my collection is growing daily…”

Artist in Residence – Katie Kotler

Katie Kotler is a Toronto-based artist. Her practice explores how the physicality of animation can be translated into installation art. She is also interested in how lineages of art histories meld into another, often in previously unnoticed ways. Kotler creates immersive and self-reflexive atmospheres that use as lo-fi materials as possible.

Whilst at NES,  Katie plans to work on  animations that will be featured in her  upcoming installation, entitled “Permanent Fixtures.” This work involves animation, installation and projection using bathroom furniture. It marks an initial pursuit to ask how can one create an environment that both accommodates and honours one’s needs for rest and art?

Artist in Residence – Maureen Cantara

Maureen Cantara is a NYC based painter.

Common themes depicted in her work are abstract landscapes layered with acrylic paint, charcoal, soft pastel and oil stick which have been blended, rubbed and mixed together, guided by a quest for balance.

Current images are from Maureen’s painting journal while living the dream on residency at NES.
Instagram: @m_cantara
Facebook: Maureen Cantara

Artist in Residence – Liv Valmestad

Liv Valmestad is a painter from Winnipeg and is interested in the visual language of paint— texture, pattern colour and shape. Her works are interested in the “in between.”

The being in between two cultures, as her parents were Norwegian immigrants and her art, which often deals with in between spaces such as the tension between flat, Modernist space and illusionistic scenes, often inspired by landscape.

She has come to Iceland to capture the light and colour of the supernatural surroundings.

Artist in Residence – Emilia Silvetti

“I’ m Emilia Silvetti, Argentinian NES resident for April and May.

When painting, my focus is on shape overlapping, an emphasis on colour, contrast and details on composition. I am interested in exploring the relationship between the parts and the whole, developing images that allow for multiple readings and approaches.

Also a kind of game between control and flow, stillness and conflict, but always intuitive. I like to create abstract landscapes: rare, broken and unfinished.”

Facebook Emilia Silvetti

Artist in Residence – Holly Chang

My name is Holly Chang and I am a Canadian photographer working at NES for the month of April. I am working on creating photographic work in Iceland that calls into question the interaction between subject (nature) and photographer.I want to understand how nature and the landscape can be an extension of ourselves and how it does not exist separately. I am playing with photography and using process based strategies to create work and investigate this concept.

Writer in Residence – Katrin Zipse

I’m Katrin Zipse, German NES-resident in Skagaströnd this April. I’ve published several novels for children and young adults and also some radio dramas.

Right now I’m working on my first novel for adults. Since the story is located in Iceland I do a lot of research while I’m here, not only in the amazing library of Skagaströnd but also by walking through the countryside (being aware of the sounds, the taste and the gorgeous light) and by talking to the people. Besides that I’ve found my perfect place to write in the open studio of NES, among the other residents working on their art projects.  And there’s some really good stuff for stormy days.

Skagaströnd, Iceland