Artist in Residence – Henrietta Harris

Henrietta Harris is an Auckland, New Zealand-born artist known for her
series of distorted watercolour and oil portraits, and her sparse ink
and pencil drawings.

Since graduating in 2006 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Auckland
University of Technology, Henrietta has steadily built up a name for
herself and has exhibited world-wide.

Through outstanding technical skills, she captures feelings of lingering
in time, loneliness and doubt with her sensitive subjects. Her paintings
provoke emotion with their dream-like palettes- eyes are downcast, faces
turned away, doubled in a glitch, obscured by an arrogant pink swish.

Harris also paints smoky, dreamy landscapes and seascapes in her muted
colours, often covering these with pink or mist. She’s also well-known
for her faceless ball-point pen ‘hair’ drawings.

Clients include Apple Watch, Vanity Fair France, Flying Nun Records,
Karen Walker, and many more. Harris has exhibited in New Zealand, Miami,
Melbourne, LA, New York, London, Paris, and more.

Artist in Residence – Jason Lee Starin

JASON LEE STARIN received his MFA in Applied Craft and Design from
Pacific Northwest College of Art and Oregon College of Art and Craft in
2011, and his BFA in Ceramics from Grand Valley State University in
1999. Starin has shown in numerous group exhibitions throughout the US.
In 2017 he received an Independence Foundations Grant to research his
interest in geomythology while in residence at the NES Foundation in
Iceland. Currently residing in Philadelphia, PA., Starin is Faculty as
well as the Ceramic Shop Supervisor and for The University of the Arts.
He is also a full time Resident Artist at The Clay Studio.

“Influenced by the mysteries surrounding the mythological, the
alchemical as well as referencing science fiction speculations, my
practice is based on accepting the unknown, the incomprehensible as well
as the absurd. Rendering material as an amorphous solid, my work is a
record of my physical interaction with it. When swishing and smearing,
poking and clawing, I am making the decision to stay mentally connected
to this physical realm, however ambiguous and alienating that may feel
at times.” 
Instagram: jasonleestarin


Artist in Residence – Katharina Lökenhoff

Katharina Lökenhoff – “Crossing“: Pictures, Installation and artistic research project

My work is dedicated to find new and sustainable life strategies by crossing borders.  The starting point of my work is the experience, that many problems caused by “globalization” can be dued to an experience of separation. Not feeling the connection causes fear, the main reason (and not only the effect) of most catastrophes that are happening in the world right now.

How can we develop the intense experience where we are not separate from our so-called ‘environment’? In my artistic research project I am looking forward to make interviews with other artist at NES to learn about their working methods and to get hints to new ways of crossing the borders and thereby find new life strategies to heel the rift between us.

Other places for the interviews are Finland (Arteles Creative Center Haukijärvi in September), South Africa (Gratmore Art, Cape Town from December until March), Argentina (ACE, Buenos Aires in April), Italy (Numerovernti, Florenz in Mai) and Thailand (Sam Rit Residency in summer ´19).  Also I am invited to the Off Biennale “Something Else“ in Cairo in November where I hope to have an exchange about “Crossing “ as well.

The results of finding new methods will be presented in an exhibition, a blog and a catalog in summer 2019.

My own approach to the subject of crossing the threshold is through a colour experience.  Working with an intense reference to the body with large coloured fabrics, I focus on the qualities of colour as the equivalent of what constitutes life around and in us.

Originalbild unter:

Adequate to this topic I´m working with the material of a waxed skin, silk material dipped in beeswax. Its haptic and visual appearance mirrors the theme of crossing borders in the phenomenon of the skin as a membrane: It is the aim of “Crossing“ to show that cultural life/ – survive can be redefined and made possible through exchange rather than demarcation.

Artist in Residence – Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin

Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin received a BA in Philosophy from Mount Holyoke College (1965) and an MSS in Community Organization from Bryn Mawr College (1967).

Switching gears entirely, she studied at the Ansel Adams workshop in Yosemite, CA in 1980, and since that time, she has journeyed in both a literal and figurative sense across many types of terrain, always looking for a sense of place.

Here, in Iceland, she has uncovered a tremendous natural “pull,” if you will; sensing a unique level of past and present energy all around her, she has only begun to explore the potential meaning of what these surroundings command and what the inhabitants therein are living with every day.

Her work is included in public and private collections, including the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Medtronic, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Mount Holyoke College, Jerusalem Theatre in Israel, and Fidelity Investments. More information is available at

Artist in Residency – Tulle Ruth

Tulle Ruth lives and works in Norway. Her practice can be described as sculpture in a very broad sense. She has her artistic training from Sweden, Norway, Canada and Denmark and has exhibited in many places in Norway and abroad.

Her sculptures are often mobile and located at more or less unknown sites in public spaces and in nature. The artist is mostly concerned with communication, ecology and feminism. Out from the personal, domestic and everyday life, Tulle Ruth asks questions about life and society surrounding her. Her artistic platform was shaped through the extended project Speaking Mountains which enabled the 7 famous mountains surrounding Bergen to speak and create stories. In an investigating and experimenting manner, “high and low” techniques were integrated. Tulle Ruth always works independently from added energy instead of using sun and wind power. Her art is often infused with humour. 

Artist in Residence – Jannice Chung

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Jannice Chung lives and works in South Korea and the U.S. She has received a MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BS from Washington University in St. Louis.

Her work starts as a response to social issues, incidents and situations occurred in both local and global community. The issues could be radical, sad, upset, humorous, heart breaking, vicious and more. She feels the urge to react to unpleasant occurrences that often cause devastation inside and interpret them into her own visual language using various materials. She combines traditional painting materials with non-traditional ones to create visually intriguing texture and ultimately expand the range of narratives.

She has come to Skagaströnd with an open mind and ready to take in whatever she encounters. From all fascinating stimulants and imageries, she finds stories about trolls and hidden people intriguing and their relationship to the nature and to her people as well. Stories do not just exist as mere folklores rather breathe and live with and among the people of Iceland. She sees the time spent here in Iceland as a starting point of something that can be grown into a larger project.


Artist in Residence – Meir Rakocz

Meir Rakocz lives and create in Tel Aviv , Israel where he has a photography studio.

“My Photographic skills and artistic abilities are the fruits of an autodidactic search. I concentrate in documenting and in decoding emotional/social associations within both my family cell and social and professional circles. I explore landscapes of my ‘homeland’ and foreign landscapes and their relationships to humans. I do my photographic artwork simultaneously alongside my practice in public medicine & dental health.

My photographic artworks are exhibited in private collections and in the Ramat-Gan Museum of Israeli Art collection and I have had solo and group exhibitions in Israel, Paris, New-York, Duisburg, Venice, Onishi in Japan, and Skagaströnd, Iceland.”

Artist in Residence – Michele Kishita

Michele Kishita is a Philadelphia-based artist who searches for the landscape that inherently exists in of each of her wooden painting surfaces, while expressing the visual contrast and harmony where man-made structures and nature intersect. She is influenced by the compressed space of Japanese ukiyo-e prints and Hokusai and Hiroshige’s depictions of water. Kishita’s work is in several corporate collections including Toyota, Capital One, and Kaiser Permanente. Her work can be viewed online at:

Artist in Residence – Laura Duerwald

July artist-in-residence, Laura Duerwald, received a BFA from Syracuse University, an MFA from Marywood University, and studied at the Art Students League in New York and Syracuse University in London.

Laura’s paintings are not always actually painted. They are constructed out of materials – paper, pigment, graphite, linen, wax – through an intuitive process of addition and subtraction, with particular sensitivity to the character of each element, and the poetic possibilities of their various combinations. From a distance, extremes of value, color and texture meld into fields that have a dynamic opticality, while up close, their supple materiality is evident.

Laura is currently working on a group of small studies on paper in preparation for an upcoming solo show at Gremillion & Co. Fine Art in Houston.

More work by Laura can be seen on the following sites:

Artist in Residency – Fan-Ling Suen

Fan-Ling Suen is a cross-disciplinary artist from Ontario, Canada. Her
work extends across a variety of media including sculpture,
installation, drawing, photography and most recently sound. Since
working on a vegetable farm, Fan-Ling’s research has begun to expand
beyond the intimacy of interpersonal human relationships to consider our
connection with surrounding ecologies.

While in Iceland, Fan-Ling will play her musical saw in different
natural areas. She will begin to open a musical dialogue with
Skagastrond’s underground soundscapes by using a combination of
transducers and buried aquaphones in the soil to engage with the earth
as a natural amphitheater.


Skagaströnd, Iceland