A (brief) trip around Iceland

Spotting the outdoor sets of the video project we’re completing in Iceland, we drove during a week following the ring road.

A fast overview of a variation of unseen landscapes with the light changing all the time. Wide-open spaces, lava fields, black beaches, glaciers, icebergs, snow, rain, wind, clouds, sun, and northern lights.

The most memorable scene occured on Feb 13, at night, between Egilsstaðir and Mývatn, in the middle of a lunar no man’s land. Lights started to steam out all over the sky as we were driving. We stopped the car to witness this incredible sight: 150km/h wind with green and pink glints lightning the landscape.

An experience close from watching a science fiction road movie at an increasingly fast rate.

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May stipend for portrait photographer

Nes is pleased to announce that in May we will have a partial stipend (amount to be determined) to pay for a portrait photographer to work at the preschool to take  school pictures for the children, approximately 38. This is expected to be a small project and not the main focus of the artist’s work. If you are interested please fill out the online application and in your application letter state that you are interested in this project. Applications will be accepted until March 26, 2012.

February 2012 Open House

February 2012 Open House

Þorrablót- Guest Bloggers

Liz Layton and Connie Dekker teamed up to make this blog entry about their Þorrablót:

The massive meat feast of lamb heads and sour fish and putrid pungent rotten shark that make you see green sparkles. And black pudding. Sketch comedy, local Skagaströnd style. Before Halldór got the black eye.  Dancing with all the artists. Dancing with all the Icelanders.  Meeting the Elvis-loving Omar, who is self proclaimed as  the “main attraction of Skagaströnd”.   Sid changing Miguel’s life by showing him that he can also make harmonica sounds by inhaling, not just exhaling.  Icelandic bands playing Beatles covers and heavy-metal version of Smoke on the Water.

The current artists-in-residence at NES will be showing the outcome of their one or two-month stay in Skagaströnd on Tuesday the 21st of February at 1700 – 1900 pm. Working in different media such as painting, video, installation, textile and photography, the artists will turn their studio into an exhibition space, putting on display both finished art pieces and works-in-progress.


Some of the artists have worked directly with the environment in and around Skagaströnd and with Icelandic history and society: Dutch artist AnneMarie van Splunter is finalizing a documentary about the leikskóli in Skagaströnd, American artist Liz Hope Layton has produced paintings and video based on the story of Þórdís the prophetess and Italian artist Barbara Gamper has been investigating the notions of place and identity in Iceland. Franco-Spanish artist Luis Milguel Dominguez is drawing a landscape with ink on a 10meter canvas, Mexican artist Christian Castañeda Vázquez has been working on drawings based on Icelandic myths and fables and German artist Christin Lutze has brought the colours of the Icelandic winter landscape into her acrylic paintings. Sid Blevins has been working on musical pieces, while Elsa di Venosa and Hugo Deverchère from France are working on a video project, they are drawing the story of an aerial journey inspired by the lunar landscapes of the country.


With the wind constantly howling outside, the NES studio has been an almost 24-hour workplace for us over the last few weeks. It has been a remarkable experience to be absorbed by work in the light, spacious studios for hours at an end, and then to walk out the door into a roaring blizzard and to ten centimetres of snow that wasn’t there in the morning. Every day the landscape around Skagaströnd, – the mountains, the sea and the fields, – are different in colour and texture.


One has to be pretty numb not to be affected by the intensity of nature in and around Skagaströnd, – the scarcity of light and the colours of the aurora borealis. But if the wind gets too strong we find a lamp post to hold on to, or if visibility is less than one meter on our way home at night, we turn around and go back to the studios. There’s food in the fridge, there’s blankets, there’s a few couches. We could stay put for a couple of weeks in the studios if we have to. There’s nothing to be afraid of.


February 2012 Artists


February 2012
AnneMarie van Splunter Netherlands Http://www.annemarievansplunter.nl
Barbara Gamper Italy/UK www.barbaragamper.com
Christian Castañeda Vázquez Mexico http://christiancastaneda.carbonmade.com/
Christin Lutze Germany http://www.christin-lutze.de/
Claire Pendrigh Elliott Australia http://clairependrigh.wordpress.com/
Connie Dekker Netherlands www.conniedekker.nl and http://www.conniedekker.nl/iceland/
Elsa Di Venosa France http://www.twnp.net/
Hugo Deverchere France http://creative.arte.tv/en/space/_TWNP/messages/
Liz Hope Layton USA http://lizlayton.wordpress.com/
Luis Miguel Dominguez France http://www.art-lmd.com/
Sigbjørn Bratlie Norway http://www.sigbjornbratlie.com/

Sound Scapes by Georgina Criddle (Australia) and Dario Lazzaretto (Italy)

On the 27th October NES Residency presented Soundscapes: an open-studio exhibition of new works by Georgina Criddle (Australia) and Dario Lazzaretto (Italy), showcasing video projections, sound-art and sculptural installations created by the artists during their stay in Skagaströnd.

In the garden of found objects of Placido Este, assembly, mixed materials, variable dimension, 2011, Iceland, Dario Lazzaretto

Winding – installation, group of three aeolian harps, various material, variable dimension, 2011, Iceland, Dario Lazzaretto

Alarm mode (WE-YOU), video, 1’55”, 2011, Iceland, Dario Lazzaretto

Alarm mode (WE-YOU), video, 1’55”, 2011, Iceland, Dario Lazzaretto

Alarm mode (WE-YOU), video, 1’55”, 2011, Iceland, Dario Lazzaretto

Full stipend for film maker

NES Artist Residency is excited to put a call out to film makers interested in working with the community to create a retrospective film in either January or February 2012. Skagastrond’s preschool will be celebrating its 35th year anniversary and is looking to work with a film maker to commemorate the occasion, by filming current and past students as well as others in the community. NES will award a full stipend to the film maker chosen for the project.

All interested applicants should go to neslist.is and apply. When sending in the additional materials please describe how you would approach this project, your unique visions and the direction you would take.

Please consider in your application how you would deal with the language barrier. If there is interview work in this film it would be in Icelandic and not everyone here speaks english.

The deadline for submission is December 5. If you are interested please apply at this link https://neslist.is/application/how-to-apply/ and state that you are applying for this stipend in your cover letter.

This grant is made possible by the generous support of Minningarsjóður um hjónin frá Garði og Vindhæli

Kvikmyndasýningar í Kántrýbæ // Movie screening at Kántrýbær

NES, in cooperation with the University of Iceland research center and Kántrýbær, will be hosting a serse of Icelandic movies. The first of these will be Friday night at 21:30.

NES Listamiðstöð, Rannsóknasetur Háskóla Íslands á Norðurlandi vestra og Kántrýbær ætla á næstu misserum að standa fyrir kvikmyndasýningum á Skagaströnd.
Sýningarnar verða í Kántrýbæ og mun fyrsta myndin verða sýnd n.k. föstudagskvöld kl 21:30.

Heimildarmyndin Jón og séra Jón eftir Steinþór Birgisson.
Nánar um myndina:
Séra Jón Ísleifsson hefur verið sóknarprestur í Árnesi Ströndum í 12 ár. Hann lifir lífinu á sinn eigin sérstæða máta og af honum eru margar sögur bæði sannar og ósannar. Í kjölfar langvinnra deilna innan safnaðarins er svo komið að mikill meirihluti sóknarbarna hefur skrifað undir vantraust á séra Jón og lýst því yfir að þau vilji ekki að hann starfi lengur sem sóknarprestur í Árnesprestakalli. Er séra Jón óhæfur prestur? Eða eru aðrir kraftar að verki? Hvað sem því líður er séra Jón maður sem er staddur á miklum tímamótum.
Jón og séra Jón vann áhorfendaverðlaun Skjaldborgarhátíðarinnar í vor og hefur verið sýnd í kvikmyndahúsum við miklar vinsældir.

Miðaverð 1.250 kr

Skagaströnd, Iceland