500 kökusneiðar

Morgunblaðið 22.mars 2011 eftir Ólaf Bernódusson

Aimée Xenou er listamannsnafn Ninette Rothmüller sem dvalist hefur í Nes listamiðstöðinni á Skagaströnd síðan í lok nóvember. Aimée er gjörningalistamaður og nýverið stóð hún fyrir tveimur slíkum með hálfs mánaðar millibili þó að þeir væru tengdir innbyrðis. Fjöldi manns hefur sótt þessa tvo gjörninga enda hafa þeir báðir verið áhugaverðir og nýstárlegir hvor á sinn hátt. Continue reading 500 kökusneiðar

Special stipent for April 2011

A 200€ (280$) stipend is now available for residents in April. And we still have openings …

The stipend project has to involve the Skagaströnd community in some way. This can be f.exp. be a short course for the public, workshop, performance etc.

To submit an application, please fill out the application form and send the following to application@neslist.is:

  • A CV or resumé
  • Short project description/intentions for your stay
  • Four work samples in jpeg format, marked with artists name and title

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Japanese papermaking – Japönsk pappírsgerð

In December last year we had the privilege to host Tatiana Ginsberg here at Nes. She is papermaker and specializes in traditional Japanese papermaking. She taught a short course where we got to learn how to make really thin and beautiful paper. Here below you can see a video that Joseph Marhl made.

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54th Venice Biennale

One of our artists Alec Von Bargen has been invited as part of the official selection to show at the pavilion of Costa Rica at the 54th Venice Biennale in Venice, Italy. Alec stayed at Nes in September 2009. Using a tiny point-and-shoot camera, Alec Von Bargen seeks to capture the realities of our world one moment at a time. Alec Von Bargen works all over the world but lives in the Mayan jungle near Akumal, Mexico. We are very happy for Alec and proud to be a part of his journey as an artist. To check out Alec’s work please visit his website: http://alec360.com



The Northern lights

It is quite common to see the Northern lights here in Skagaströnd in the winter. I went out to dance with them and take pictures tonight. It is an amazing feeling to dance with the Northern lights with frozen cheeks and toes.

Spákonufell with Northern lights
Spákonufell bathed in the Northern lights


Skagaströnd, Iceland