Open Call for applications and extended Partial Stipend deadline.

Open Call for applications
Nes artist residency is an international residency located in Skagaströnd in the Northwestern region of Iceland. The residency was formed in March 2008 and opened its doors to the first artists in June of that year.  Nes has been expanding and we can now accommodate about 15 artists and their families each month.

As of 2009 there is ongoing all year “Open call” for applications for Nes artist residency and we welcome last minute applications. There are still openings at Nes in the spring of this year from March onwards.

Nes artist residency welcomes both Icelandic and international artists and designers of all media to Skagaströnd for residencies lasting one to six months. Nes seeks to promote an atmosphere of creativity, experimentation, reflection and play that artists need, by providing a working environment that supports the artistic process. Skagastönd town provides the facilities for the artists to work and interact. We hope that the natural setting, the harbor and surrounding nature inspires, supports and enhances the creativity of the artists who come to Nes, by providing them with an uninterrupted time for work and exploration.

Extended application deadline for Partial Stipend Application
Nes artist residency has been sponsored by the Cultural Committee of North-western Iceland to enhance the cultural life of the region. This enables us to award partial stipends to 15-20 artists per year in the years 2009 and 2010.

The next application deadline for the Nes Artist Residency Partial Stipend originally dated March 1st has now been extended until March 15th 2010.

Partial stipend application form

Skagaströnd, Iceland